Add a Convenience Store to Your Office

Add a Convenience Store to Your Office

Install a micro market without lifting a finger

Sometimes, a few different snacks aren't enough to keep an office happy. If your employees want full meals and fresh food, consider installing a micro market at your business. A micro market is a self-service convenience store that stocks everything, from candy and gum to salads and wraps. You can count on Vander Vending to install a micro market in your business right away. Once it's up and running, we'll keep it fully stocked throughout the work week.

Contact Vander Vending now to learn more about our micro markets. Our markets accept credit and debit cards.

3 reasons your employees will love a micro market

Still on the fence about adding a micro market to your break room? Your employees will love it because:

  1. A micro market allows them to buy full meals. No more lamenting over forgotten lunches.
  2. A micro market takes credit and debit cards, so your employees have easy payment options.
  3. A micro market offers fresh, healthy food, so your employees don't always have to settle for something packaged.

Call today to get a micro market in your office. We'll install one right away.